Technology and Hearing Aids


Hearing aid technology has changed dramatically in the past few years. Digital and wireless technology have brought hearing aid users better sound quality, feedback (whistle) control, highest rating moisture protection, Bluetooth technology and more power in smaller devices. In addition, today’s hearing aids are small, smart, and simple to use.

The Docotors of Audiology at Complete Hearing are proud to be Lincoln’s only certified provider of the Phonak Lyric™, the world's only 100% invisible hearing aid.  It delivers clear, natural sound. It is designed to be a discrete, comfortable solution that is worn deep inside your ear canal and provides you 24/7 hearing.  No batteries to change and no disputations to your lifestyle.  Imagine how invisible, hassle-free hearing could change your life!

If you are looking for a wide range of hearing products that help your brain orientate to the sounds around you, distinguish speech in a noisy environment and focuses on the important sounds, Complete Hearing has a solution for you. Contact us today for an assessment and a one on one consultation with one of our doctors.  We look forward to seeing you.