Opening Up the Conversation: Talking to Someone With Hearing Loss

Often, people with hearing loss don’t recognize the symptoms in themselves. It’s the people around them who begin to notice issues and can recognize the differences in behavior and personality of the person experiencing hearing difficulty.

If someone in your life is experiencing hearing loss, it is important to help them to seek treatment as soon as possible. Seeking treatment can help prevent further damage (in the case of noise-induced hearing loss) and help the person to live a fuller life.

However, it can be difficult to bring up the subject without the person experiencing the loss becoming defensive or denying there’s a problem.

Here are a few pointers about how to approach the subject:

1. Choose the right time. Find a quiet opportunity to discuss the situation that’s free from stress and distraction. 

2. Speak to the person about how the situation is affecting you. Most people don’t seek treatment, because they put themselves last. But if hearing loss is affecting the lives of other people, the person experiencing diminished hearing is more likely to take action.

3. Focus on the positives. If you know someone who has experienced treatment, share that information with your loved one. At Complete Hearing, we have many success stories from people whose lives were significantly impacted by hearing loss treatment.

Hearing loss treatment has come a long way. Corrective hearing can help the person experience a richer life at home, at work and in their relationships. If you’d like more information about how to communicate with others regarding hearing loss, its treatment or how to know when there’s a problem, send us an emailWe welcome you to the conversation.