Terry’s Story

When you really love someone, you want to make them happy. This Christmas, Terry decided to prove his love for his wife by having his hearing checked as a gift to her after months of growing frustration. She was noticing how loud the TV volume was in the evening and would often ask him questions which he would answer incorrectly. At work, Terry also noticed that sometimes he’d bring up topics to discuss at meetings which his co-workers had just finished addressing. While Terry never noticed anything horrible about what he wasn’t hearing, he did start to notice the tension of those around him. So he decided to make a change.

When Terry walked in the door at Complete Hearing for the first time, he knew he made the right decision. Joking around with the receptionist and meeting Dr. Sandra Miller, he immediately felt at home. “It’s like we were old friends,” Terry says.

When Dr. Miller noticed some deficiencies in Terry’s hearing, she recommended a few different options. Together, they chose to demo the Oticon Opn™ hearing aid for several reasons. The Opn™ offers the latest technology for the widest range of sounds. It also integrates well with Terry’s phone and, if he decided to purchase, his company was able to contribute.

Terry was originally concerned about the appearance of a hearing aid and was worried that people would stare at him. However, since this was a free demo experience, he decided to test them out and wore them to work. For a few days, no one even noticed his devices. When people eventually did notice, they mostly wanted more information for themselves about his experience at Complete Hearing. It seems as if other people have also been realizing hearing issues and appreciated Terry’s bravery to make a healthy decision.

Terry was so pleased with demo-ing the Opn™, he decided to go ahead with the purchase.  It’s only been a few weeks, but Terry has been very satisfied with his decision. He’s even gotten so used to his Opns™ that when he takes them out, he notices how much he misses. His wife will ask him a question and he has to say, “What?”

Terry recommends getting tested for anyone who thinks they may have a hearing issue or has loved ones concerned about communication issues. His mother waited for so long to address her hearing concerns and would suffer years of embarrassment at not being able to adequately understand those around her. 

Terry also recommends investing in a quality device. He points to his mother again who decided upon a bargain option, but has had to replace her devices often. “Quality makes a difference,” he says. 

For more information about setting up your hearing test or for more questions about the devices offered at Complete Hearing, click here.