Hunting and Hearing Protection

As a hunter, your hearing is essential in helping you enjoy the sport that you love. Hunting takes all of your senses to perform at high levels in order for you to be successful in the harvest.

But while many people wear hearing protection at the range, they don’t think about it for out in the field.

On average, a gun shot is 140 decibels, and that, in itself, can cause permanent damage to your hearing. One shot. And noise damage is cumulative. The more often you shoot, the more damage you are doing.

But many hunters are resistant because of the sensation of traditional foam ear plugs. While offering noise suppression, traditional ear plugs make it difficult to truly be in tune with the world around you. That stopped-up feeling can make it be difficult to hear the wind or the whisper of movement.

The good news is that we’ve moved on quite a bit from the old foam ear plugs.

The key benefit with modern custom hearing protection for hunting is that these devices still allow air flow while reducing the excess noise of a shotgun or rifle blast. These devices can take that 140 dbs (instant damage) and bring it down to a less damaging 95 dbs. (You’d have to listen to something at this volume for four hours to have anything damage your ears.)

Some custom hearing protection can actually even enhance your hearing out in the field. So not only can you reduce the extra loud sounds and protect your ears, but some devices can even pick up and amplify the sounds of the birds, the wind, or the brushing of a big buck up against a tree.

At Complete Hearing, we can mold your hunting hearing protection devices specifically for your particular set of ears, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out and getting lost somewhere in the field. We can also monitor your hearing to make sure that you aren’t causing damage and can enjoy many seasons for years to come.

Hunting is your passion. We want to make sure that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.