Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Hearing Aid Online

A rising trend in hearing aid sales is through the purchase of hearing aids online through unauthorized distributors. There is a belief that people are able to save money on the exact products that they would be able to receive from their audiologist, but they are mistaken.

Hearing aids are a medical device regulated by the FDA and are an investment in your overall health. That is why it is vital that you purchase your hearing devices through an audiologist or qualified professional. They are trained to make sure your device is fitted correctly, that the settings are specific to your individual needs and that the right device is chosen for your hearing loss. That face-to-face interaction is extremely important for your safety and will ensure you are receiving the best experience with your device.

Unfortunately, some of the hearing devices you may see for purchase online might not even be the actual product listed. Most manufacturers of hearing devices will not sell online and only sell through authorized distributors so that you know you are getting a quality product and not a knock off.  In addition, many manufacturers of hearing aids will not honor the warranty associated with a hearing aid purchased online. Oticon, ReSound and Phonak are just some of the manufacturers working hard to eliminate the sale of its products online for consumer safety.

Keep in mind, while you might spend less shopping online, you won’t get the full benefits of the product. Unless you know how to to fit it or adjust it or fine-tune it, you have just bought an expensive piece of technology that won’t work the way it should. At Complete Hearing, the final cost of a hearing device includes not only the price of the device itself, but also includes your time with your doctor and their expertise to ensure you are fit accurately and you are receiving the maximum benefit from your purchase. You can also count on us for additional maintenance and troubleshooting so that you can enjoy your new device long term.

A hearing device is an investment in your hearing health and would be something you would wear every day for years. If cost is a concern, please talk to your audiologist for ideas on how to make your decision more affordable.