Eleanor’s Hearing Party

The Eleanor Creative team helps Complete Hearing with their marketing and advertising messages. One of our objectives is to eliminate the stigma of having your hearing checked and wearing hearing aids. Healthy hearing is for everyone!

So we did what we do best and we threw a party. We all decided to have our hearing checked together at the same time. Dr. Meghanne Wetta tested Christine and Kristie and Dr. Sandra Miller tested Deanna.

Kristie was impressed with how easy and fun her exam was. Not that she was expecting it to be scary, but Dr. Wetta did such a great job of explaining everything. 

“She has such a fun personality and makes you feel at ease,” says Kristie about her experience with Dr. Wetta. 

First the audiologist examines your ears to do a preliminary assessment of health and detect any blockages or abnormalities. Dr. Wetta discovered that Kristie has smaller than average ears, which would explain why earbuds always fall out of her ears so easily. 

Because of her previous career as a disc jockey, Deanna was sure that her hearing would test below average. She had been experiencing uneven hearing and would hear muffled sounds in her left ear. 

After the physical examination, Dr. Miller discovered the answer to Deanna’s muffling. There was almost total wax blockage in Deanna’s left ear and Dr. Miller was able to remove it safely. She reminds everyone never to use candling or q-tips to remove wax as they can cause damage, but to go to your physician or your audiologist for safe wax removal if it is bothering you. Ear wax is normal with every one producing different amounts.

The next phase of the exam tested whether or not you can understand words clearly at different volumes and if you can hear different tones at different frequencies. This was where Christine was worried about her hearing because she always feels as if she struggles to understand her children in the car. Sometimes hearing issues aren’t just that you can’t hear, but that you have problems differentiating sounds and understanding specific sounds with clarity. 

This portion of the exam only took between 5 to 10 minutes and almost felt like a game. The exam showed that Christine had hearing in the normal ranges and what she was probably experiencing in the car was all of her children speaking at once. The life of a busy mom.

After the exam, the Eleanor team all had hearing testing in the normal ranges. We all felt as if the process was quick and easy. We now have baseline tests, so that in a few years when it is recommended that we receive another test, we can see if our hearing has changed. More than anything we’ve realized how important it is to stay on top of our hearing, protect what we have and not be ashamed to have it tested. 

The ability to hear the world around us is one of our greatest gifts. Taking care of that gift is important for ourselves and those we love.