Grand Opening Winner!

Marie Johnston was the big winner of a free pair of hearing devices at our Grand Opening Celebration in April. 

Her reaction upon finding out that she was the winner was pretty remarkable.

Here is what Marie has to say about her new devices:

Dr. Miller,

So this has been an amazing day!!

First of all, when I walked out of your office yesterday, I heard sounds I didn’t think I could hear…like the wind!

Randy and I stopped in Trader Joe’s and I could hear the conversation of people standing at the next register! Before, I could barely hear the person standing next to me or even in front of me. Randy was testing me by standing behind me and asking questions, and I was able to answer him!

We called our daughters on the drive home last night to test the phone and that was super cool! 

We have train tracks a couple of blocks away from our house and last night when we were sitting on the back porch…the trains were so loud! I always heard them before, but they never seemed to be that loud to me. My goodness, even the birds were noisy!

I was able to turn the tv’s volume down from half of what it was. Poor Randy…it was so loud!

Today has been fantastic at work. I can use the office phone on my left ear and still hear without feedback from the hearing aid, and I can actually hear people talking to me the first time without saying, “what”!

My coworkers are saying that I am even speaking quieter, almost too quiet. That’s because I can hear my own voice. 

Notice all the exclamation points in this letter, that’s how excited I have been the last two days!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for changing my life! This is truly one of those life changing events. 

I am looking forward to seeing you next week!