A New Doctor of Audiology – Dr. Schott-Miller

Macy Schott-Miller first became interested in studying audiology when she was in college. She was studying speech language pathology and found the audiology classes she was taking as part of that study fascinating. She decided to switch her focus and never looked back. 

After receiving her degree in audiology and speech pathology, she was accepted to the audiology doctoral program at UNL. The four-year program included classes for three years while working in clinic settings at the same time. She found the program challenging but invigorating. 

Her research focus drew her to the hearing protection needs of youth working in agricultural settings. Dr. Schott-Miller’s work with youth in agriculture stems from her own personal experiences with 4-H, one of the charities that she is very passionate about. She credits the organization for teaching her about leadership, teamwork and determination. These same qualities are what make her such an asset to Complete Hearing.

Whether continuing to help children, teens or seniors, Dr. Schott-Miller enjoys helping as many different patients as she can. She likes to know that although everyone may have different needs, she is able to address each issue to the best of her ability.

Dr. Schott-Miller looks forward to getting to know even more patients in the future and helping them with their hearing health. She will be seeing patients at both the Lincoln location and our outreach clinic in York.