Getting Along Without It

One of the most common reasons that people don’t get the hearing help they need is because they feel as though they have gotten along just fine without it.

Unfortunately, they are not aware of all that they are really missing.

People who struggle to hear may experience:

1. Feelings of being left out. 
When hearing loss is present, a person doesn’t always hear pieces of conversation, especially in restaurants or meetings. Communication can get drowned out by other sounds. This can result in fellings of being left out of the group, leading to isolation and withdrawal.

2. Feeling that they’re always the last to know something. 
Because they miss pieces of conversation, people who struggle to hear also feel as if they are the last to know about activities or situations. This can inadvertently make the person feel as if they are not valued or information is intentionally being kept from them.

3. Misunderstanding intent.
Some forms of hearing loss make differentiating sound and understanding speech difficult. When a person hears mumbling instead of clear conversation, they may misinterpret this communication as being rude and draw the conclusion that someone may be angry with them or that the person doesn’t care about the situation.

4. Feeling anxious.
When people struggle to hear, they may experience a general feeling of anxiety or a sense of loss and confusion. Many times they feel as if they should be more on top of the situation and don’t know why they’re struggling. Because they are missing some of the audio cues of their situation, they aren’t getting the whole picture.

We hear with our brains, not just our ears. So when we’re not hearing correctly, our brains aren’t being utilized the right way. While we think we may be able to adjust to not being able to hear and “get by without it,” we don’t realize how much the ability to hear and communicate affects our mood and sense of well-being.

If you or someone you know has been experiencing feelings of anxiety, isolation, or uncharacteristic negativity, there’s a possibility it could be hearing related. A quick and easy hearing exam will help us determine if you have hearing difficulties.

Taking care of your hearing will allow you to take care of both your mental and physical well-being.