tips for healthy ears

Tips for Healthy Ears in the New Year


Resolve to have your best hearing this year! Hearing loss is too preventable to be as prevalent as it has become. Early diagnosis is key to finding solutions to slow hearing loss and prevent new hearing loss from occurring. These three tips can help you promote healthy ears in the new year!

Having your hearing checked regularly.
Make an appointment to come see us in 2018. A hearing screening should be part of your annual wellness routine. Hearing loss develops gradually and seeing us once a year can help you recognize the signs and take action to prevent further hearing loss. Remember, hearing loss is associated to other medical health concerns like depression and heart disease, and can also detract for your quality of life and relationships.

Use hearing protection around loud noises.
Approximately 18% of Americans have noise-induced hearing loss* because of loud work environments, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIDCD.)  Noise that is loud enough that you have to shout so a nearby person can hear you can also create dangerous levels of noise for your ears. Ask one of our Doctors about custom fitted earplugs or other hearing safety devices that can allow you to hear while reducing harmful sound levels.

Keep your ears dry.
Excessive moisture left in your ear can provide the perfect environment for bacteria to enter your ear canal, causing swimmer’s ear or other types of ear infections that can endanger your hearing. Towel off your ears after swimming or even bathing and showering. If there is water in your ear after that, tilt your head to the side and pull gently on your ear lobe to help the water find its way our of your ear canal.

Sources: National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIDCD)