2022 Hear Together Give Together Winner

We are excited to announce Beverly as our 2022 Hear Together Give Together Winner! She was nominated by her granddaughter Kessa. In her nomination letter, Kessa told us she was reading the Lincoln 55+ magazine and found an article featuring Complete Hearing and how untreated hearing loss can be one of the leading risk factors for developing dementia. Kessa’s great-grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease, and she had noticed her grandmother’s hearing decline. She wanted to help her with something that she was not financially able to pursue. Kessa wrote, “I am hoping that getting her (Beverly) a ‘new set of ears’ will brighten her mood and encourage her to reach out to some of her friends and spend more time with them … She still works full time, and I know this would improve her quality of life.”
Thank you, Kessa, for your nomination. Complete Hearing partnered with Widex to give Beverly the gift of better hearing. Her new hearing aids were custom fit, not only for looks but measurements were run to ensure that the sound delivered inside of her ears matched the unique shape and amplification needs. Beverly is off to enjoy the sounds of her grandkids, the old grandfather clock, and not having to say “WHAT?!?” as often. If you see Beverly, ask her about the “new sounds” she is experiencing.