ALD Locator


Assistive listening is an amazing compliment to hearing aid technology, but many users are not aware that their favorite venues may have a system installed.  ALDLocator.com was created so patrons can find venues that offer assistive listening.  Users can search by location or by venue name to determine if assistive technology is available, and if so, what type. ALD Locator also has a convenient mobile app for iOS and Android making it easier than ever to find assistive listening technology on the go. 

Users can use the site or app to quick locate a venue that supports assist listening devices and then conveniently find the address and map to that location. The site also makes it possible for users to read and leave reviews, so that you can let other people know how the equipment at the venue performed, or if it was missing a needed device upon your visit.

The Assistive Listening Device Locator helps you to connect a more positive listening experiences wherever you may go. As you travel to visit family this holiday season, consider using this useful app at your destination to find assistive technology in a new area. Theaters, museums, stadiums, events, lectures, places of worship, banks, libraries, community centers, and more with assistive listening systems can all be found on-the-go while using the app.

For example, if you visit Chicago this Christmas, you’ll find several theaters and entertainment centers listed as either FM, Loop, Infrared, or Wi-Fi listening device locations. If you want to visit a museum while you’re in New York this holiday season, you’ll find that the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers Loop services throughout with Infrared services in the Rodgers Auditorium and Uris Center, and FM Tours and programs available at all ticket booths and admission counters. The Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art, and more also support assist listening devices.