Can allergies affect your hearing?

Your eyes are itchy, and your nose is runny. You tell yourself this is typical for allergy season. However, did you know your allergies can also cause a diminished sense in your hearing ability? Symptoms affecting the ears can include itching, swelling, vertigo, fullness in the ear, and muffled hearing.

Allergies and Hearing Loss

Your immune system responds to allergens by producing antibodies that release histamine. The release of histamine produces an allergic response. The resulting sneezing, itching, and congestion also increase mucus production, which can cause a temporary, conductive hearing loss.  

Ear Health Reminder During Allergy Season

Avoid scratching an itch by putting anything inside your ear canal (no hair pins or Q-Tips).

Wash your ears gently with a warm, wrung-out washcloth and dry them thoroughly.

If your allergy or hearing loss symptoms persist or experience ear pain, see an Audiologist or ENT physician to ensure your symptoms are evaluated and managed for the best overall results.