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6 reasons to stop putting off hearing health

Six Reasons to Stop Putting Off Your Hearing Health

Procrastination is a habit many would like to change.  Dragging your feet on occasion usually isn’t cause for concern — unless it pertains to your health. Here are seven reasons you shouldn’t procrastinate about your hearing health. Untreated hearing loss leads to brain atrophy. Many people don’t realize that hearing is actually a brain function.  Your ears …

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Cochlear Implants

Cochlear™ Implants for Moderate to Profound Hearing Loss

The Doctors of Audiology at Complete Hearing are the first Audiologists in the Lincoln, Nebraska area to offer the diagnostic assessment of cochlear implant candidacy, cochlear implant mapping, fitting, and assessment of cochlear implant devices. We are pleased to offer our patients with moderate to profound hearing loss an opportunity to experience more options for …

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noise level app

There’s an App for That!

Using Your Smartphone to Measure Noise Levels People of all ages and all walks of life are sometimes at risk for exposure to harmful noises that damage the sensitive structure of the inner ear and can cause temporary or permanent noise-induced hearing loss(NIHL). Excessive noise from activities like live concerts, working with shop tools, operating …

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sounds of spring - complete hearing lincoln ne

Sounds of Spring

When we think about spring time, a multitude of sounds come to mind. The soft chirping of birds are a sign that the long winter has come to an end. Spring showers cause tapping noises against windows and roofs. We are eager to mow our lawns and start home improvement projects using power tools. The …

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