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sounds of spring - complete hearing lincoln ne

Sounds of Spring

When we think about spring time, a multitude of sounds come to mind. The soft chirping of birds are a sign that the long winter has come to an end. Spring showers cause tapping noises against windows and roofs. We are eager to mow our lawns and start home improvement projects using power tools. The …

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technology and hearing aids

Technology and Hearing Aids

  Hearing aid technology has changed dramatically in the past few years. Digital and wireless technology have brought hearing aid users better sound quality, feedback (whistle) control, highest rating moisture protection, Bluetooth technology, and more power in smaller devices. In addition, today’s hearing aids are small, smart, and simple to use. The Doctors of Audiology …

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how to clean earwax

How To Clean Earwax

  Can earwax be a good thing?  Yes!  It helps your body eliminate dead skin cells and dirt. It also keeps the acidity of your ear canal balanced. Earwax is produced in the ear canal. Normally, wax dries up and falls away like dead skin cells. It is often easily removed with standard hygiene like …

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traveling with hearing loss

Traveling with Hearing Loss

  Whether by plane, train, or automobile, traveling with hearing loss can present unique challenges during the busiest travel time of the year. Don’t let hearing loss stop you from enjoying the experiences and adventures of travel. Here are a few helpful tips that can simplify traveling with hearing loss. Before You Go When you …

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hearing loss and holidays

Hearing Loss and the Holidays

  Untreated hearing loss has been linked to loneliness, isolation, depression, and a general dissatisfaction with communication in personal relationships. The holidays have also been shown to increase depressive symptoms for many people, especially those experiencing declining health. The intersection of these two factors can often lead those experiencing a recent change to their hearing …

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