Hearing Tips

The Benefits of Oticon Opn™

Technology is always changing in the medical world, and these advancements are designed to make our lives easier and better. While traditional old-school hearing aids were designed to amplify sound, they weren’t always able to help the user determine where the sounds were coming from. And in certain models, all noises were amplified so loudly …

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Getting Along Without It

One of the most common reasons that people don’t get the hearing help they need is because they feel as though they have gotten along just fine without it. Unfortunately, they are not aware of all that they are really missing. People who struggle to hear may experience: 1. Feelings of being left out. When hearing …

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Eleanor’s Hearing Party

The Eleanor Creative team helps Complete Hearing with their marketing and advertising messages. One of our objectives is to eliminate the stigma of having your hearing checked and wearing hearing aids. Healthy hearing is for everyone! So we did what we do best and we threw a party. We all decided to have our hearing …

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Grand Opening Winner!

Marie Johnston was the big winner of a free pair of hearing devices at our Grand Opening Celebration in April.  Her reaction upon finding out that she was the winner was pretty remarkable. Here is what Marie has to say about her new devices: Dr. Miller, So this has been an amazing day!! First of …

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