Heart Health and Your hearing

Heart Health and Your Hearing

https://youtu.be/tZTFNAGyXnQ Dale Johnson: Welcome to The Conversation Starts Here on KFOR FM, 103.3, 12:40 a.m. The expert from Complete Hearing is Dr. Sandra Miller. Check out the expertise of Complete Hearing at complete-hearing.com. Good morning, Dr. Miller. Dr. Sandra Miller Au.D:Good morning, Dale. Dale Johnson:Heart disease is our subject today. Heart disease is a top

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Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Dale Johnson:  One of every 10 people, age 65 and older, has Alzheimer’s disease. About a third of people, age 85 and older, has Alzheimer’s disease. We started this discussion last Saturday morning on The Conversation Starts Here with Dr. Sandra Miller of Complete Hearing, the link between Alzheimer’s and dementia with your hearing health.

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Know Your Options

Dale Johnson: It used to be a scam depended on heaping sweetness upon a potential victim, softening them up, so to speak. Not anymore. Scams now are based on fear. We are living right now in a fearful environment. So we’re going down that path today with Dr. Sandra Miller from Complete Hearing. If you

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What is Ototoxicity?

Dale Johnson: The health of your hearing matters to us. Of course it does, think about it we’re radio. You’re hearing really, really matters to me and it matters too to Dr. Sandra Miller of Complete Hearing in Lincoln. Every Saturday morning, Dr. Miller brings her experience to the radio and the conversation starts here.

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Telehealth and Hearing

Dale Johnson: Healthy hearing on our minds every Saturday morning on KFOR with Dr. Sandra Miller of Complete Hearing in Lincoln. When we’re through today, you can go to complete-hearing.com for ways to stay connected to Complete Hearing through curbside pickup, drop-off boxes, free shipping, still answering questions and providing service. Just a different look

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