Comprehensive Evaluation

At Complete Hearing, we know it is important to do a thorough evaluation of your hearing health in order to create the best solution for your lifestyle. Your medical history will be reviewed to see what kinds of physical symptoms you may be experiencing or have experienced in the past. Previous illness, infection and treatments can impact your hearing ability. We also look at your heredity and previous exposure to noise in order to determine if some additional assessments are needed.

“We combine your medical history, your lifestyle and your hearing evaluation for a complete assessment to ensure proper treatment.”

We combine your medical history and lifestyle with your hearing evaluation. The hearing test will show us the severity of your hearing difficulty, your ability to understand speech when presented at a comfortable level, and where your hearing difficulty is derived from: the outer, middle or inner ear.

After the evaluation, we will present our findings and recommend a plan to help you achieve your hearing goals. If the plan includes a hearing device, we will suggest the proper technology level, style and fit for your hearing needs and lifestyle.

Follow-up care is extremely important at Complete Hearing. We will ensure that the prescribed treatment or device is personalized to you and delivering the results you desire. Our goal is not to just find a solution and send you on your way, but to ensure that you are hearing your best and are comfortable with your hearing future.


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