COVID-19 Safety

We are here for you!  We continue to be accessible through scheduled, in-office appointments, curbside service, telehealth, phone, and email.
Simplified COVID Screening Questions.  Are you symptomatic? Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID?  

Mask up!  We require masks by all those who enter the clinic.
Respect your space!  Practicing safety with physical distance.
Health Check. Hand sanitizing and face masks are in place. 
Personal escort into the office. We still want to welcome you at the door and accompany you to the exam room. When you arrive, please park, call, and enjoy a brief wait.
Smile!  We are again taking photos for your medical record.
Curbside Walk-in Hour will be available on weekdays from 11:30 – 12:30. We have a unique process to keep you safe and well served.  Parking spaces can get congested. Therefore, we do ask that you call and let us know you are coming and then, of course, call to let us know you’ve arrived. We will take it from there.

Are you needing a great mask?

If you’ve been in to see us or follow us on Facebook, you will find we are color coordinated and wearing the most amazing masks made by our very own, Rhonda Cushatt.  They are a double layer, Batik fabric that you can wear ALL day!  Plus, you have two color options per mask as they have different fabric on each side.  Trust us, they are tried and true.  You can order from Rhonda on Facebook at Masks made with love – by Rhonda.