Welcome to Complete Hearing! Macy Schott-Miller a doctor of audiology is here to bring you the latest news and updates for your health. From balance to tinnitus (ringing in your ears) and hearing devices to brain health and so much more. She’s here to dive into the conversation with you.

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Ashley is Complete Hearing’s Billing Specialist. She’s “hear to help” you with questions about insurance and billing. Find out about insurance and billing.

Dr. Schott-Miller announces we have been acknowledged as one of the top 3 Best Places to work in the small business category. Find out more about our #1 ranking last year!

Dr. Schott-Miller shares a few of the things she does to improve others’ health. She adjusts hearing aids and cleans out wax. Macy uses Cognivue to run assessments on brain function. Check out all the other things our Doctors of audiology. Find out more!

Dr. Schott-Miller explains that there are many reasons to lead a healthy life. Smoking can be a major risk for hearing loss. Listen in to find out more! Find out more!

Meeting the NEW Doctors! – Today Dr. Desiree Su

Dr. Macy Schott-Miller has some exciting news to share about our Residents. Let’s dive into what’s going on at Complete Hearing!

Meeting the NEW Doctors! – Today Dr. Tom Asper

Dr. Macy Schott-Miller has some exciting news to share about our Residents. Let’s dive into what’s going on at Complete Hearing!

Dr. Schott answers why people wait five to seven years after they’ve noticed a decline in their hearing before getting a hearing exam. A baseline or annual hearing exam will help with preventative and treatment plans to better suit your health and lifestyle. Learn more about our Holistic Care approach and why it matters. Dive into that!

Macy Schott-Miller a doctor of audiology is here to bring you the latest news and updates on your health. Did you know we have a satellite clinic in the York County Specialty Clinic? We have a Doctor of Audiology come out once a week to provide services for patients in the area. Dive into more on that! 

Let’s Donate! The Complete Hearing Team has partnered with Cornhusker Bank to support People’s City Mission for One Day Without Shoes. Complete Hearing is a drop-off location. 👞👟👡👠👢 We want to partner with YOU. We are giving away a prize! The individual or business that donates the most shoes at our location will receive breakfast from us. Donate new or gently used wearable footwear now through April 28. Dive into more on that!

Dizziness is a general term used to describe any feeling of instability and is the #1 complaint of all people over the age of 65 and third most common amongst other ages. At Complete Hearing, your comprehensive evaluation begins with us listening to you.  Dive into more on that! 

Hearing aid accessories are helpful in a variety of situations. From TV connectors to personal microphones, there are options to suit your everyday needs. Whether you go to conferences or bible studies, meet in meeting rooms or one-on-one. Complete Hearing is here to help you find the accessories to suit your lifestyle.  Dive into more on that! 

Does your significant other snore? Are you in water sports? Do you or your child have tubes in their ears? Do you enjoy concerts? Do you work in a noisy environment? Do you go hunting or shooting trap? Complete Hearing has custom hearing solutions to meet your needs. Dive into more on that! 

Tinnitus comes in many forms for many reasons. The Doctors of Audiology at Complete Hearing are hear to help. Dr. Macy Schott-Miller discusses types of tinnitus and the why behind them. Dive into more on that! 

Dive in with Dr. Macy Schott-Miller as we learn more about these tiny devices and weigh the pros and cons of what these small devices can do. Dive into more on that! 

Doctor Macy Schott-Miller wants you to know dizziness is not normal. Vertigo, hearing loss, ringing (tinnitus), and ear pressure are all symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Today Macy is sharing a bit about that. Dive into more by calling Complete Hearing 402-489-4418.       More on Dizziness

Doctor Macy Schott-Miller wants to know if Hearing Healthcare is at the top of your New Year’s resolution list. So dive in as we discuss why putting your hearing health first on your new year’s resolution list is going to be a step in the right direction for your overall health. Dive into more on that! 

Doctor Schott discusses the differences between vertigo and dizziness. Complete Hearing Doctors of Audiology have the tools needed to help you with your dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, and many others to help improve your overall health. Learn more.