Dizziness and Vertigo Post COVID-19

Some coronavirus patients have reported prolonged illnesses and atypical symptoms, dubbed “COVID long-haulers.” These complications include heart damage, lung damage, neurological disorders as well as dizziness.

In a survey of nearly 640 long-haulers, about one-third experienced earaches and two-thirds had dizziness and vertigo (Assaf et al, 2020). To date, there seems to be “no predictable pattern” as to when or why someone might experience ear symptoms.

If you are experiencing dizziness after having COVID-19, a Neurodiagnostic Evaluation of your balance system should be considered. Your audiologists plays a vital role in your hearing and balance care. Complete Hearing has the diagnostic tools to do a thorough assessment of your entire balance systems and provide a Plan of Care to get you feeling more like yourself again.