Complete Hearing Physician Sound Bites

Lunch and Learn

Who doesn’t love to learn . . . and enjoy lunch while doing so? Schedule a time to …

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Diabetes Mellitus – Optometry, YES Audiometry, Absolutely!

Patients with Diabetes Mellitus (DM) have a moderately increased risk for hearing loss. Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies range …

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Participate in Research

Earn $50 while supporting a fellow colleague and her research. The details from Dr. Urbanski are listed below. …

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Do Your Hypertensive Patients Need a Hearing Test?

With one in four adults being diagnosed with hypertension, considerations for its affect on the ear should not …

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How do we decrease cognitive load for our patients and lower their risk of incidental falls?

Vision and hearing impairment are two of the most modifiable risk factors that when left untreated, lead to …

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Is Dizziness Normal as We Age?

Peripheral vestibular and somatosensory function decline in later life. They were once thought to be responsible for dizziness …

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