How to Encourage Someone to Have Their Hearing Tested

If you have someone in your life who has shown signs of experiencing hearing loss, it’s a good idea to get their hearing tested. Symptoms of hearing loss can be signs of additional undiagnosed medical conditions. The challenges are that people do not often realize that they are experiencing hearing issues. The first people to notice hearing challenges are their family members and close friends. The question then, of course, becomes how to encourage someone to get their hearing tested. Here are a few things to say to someone to encourage them to take that first step.

1. Annual hearing tests are for everyone. 

Hearing exams are no different than eye exams. Knowing your baseline is a great way to measure whether or not you experience changes. Hearing loss can often times happen gradually, and you may not notice changes. That is something an audiologist can monitor and stay on top of.

Maybe even schedule an appointment for yourself. Going with a friend always takes some of the pressure off and can make the person feel less anxious.

2. If you don’t do it now, it will only get worse.

While hearing loss can’t be reversed, in some instances it can be stopped or slowed with proper diagnosis and treatment. The longer someone goes without treatment, the degree of the hearing loss can worsen and cause further issues like isolation and depression.

3. Let them know how the hearing issues have been affecting you.

Many times people don’t realize what an impact their untreated hearing loss has on the other people in their lives. If they realize that sometimes it’s frustrating to have to repeat yourself over and over, or that not being understood is having an impact on your relationship, they may be more apt to get tested.

4. Sometimes hearing aids aren’t always the answer.

Some people who have been experience the signs of hearing loss or who struggle in certain situations actually have excess wax or other issues that do not require a hearing aid. Only your audiologist can determine what exactly is causing the hearing issues and can recommend the right treatment.

5. But if hearing loss is present, today’s hearing aids are worlds apart from what they used to be.

Today’s hearing devices come in many different sizes and styles depending on the patient’s needs. Some are rechargeable devices that do not use traditional batteries. Some can connect with your smartphone and TV. Others are virtually invisible and aren’t detectable at all. Hearing aids also come in many price ranges. With many financing plans available, there are options for everyone.

The key is getting people to get tested in the first place. We hope that the stigma of hearing loss and hearing aids can be eliminated as we start realizing how much hearing is a part of our overall health. We get our vision checked when we can’t see. It’s important that we treat our sense of hearing the same.