Hearing Protection


We offer several custom earpieces to protect your hearing from loud work environments. Whether you work in a factory, kitchen, on a farm, in construction or other environment where you are subject to constant loud noises, it is important to be proactive about your hearing health. Our protective earpieces allow you to hear the sounds that are important to hear for your safety, while blocking the noise that can be damaging to your hearing.


We offer specific hearing protection for performing musicians and concert goers. These protective hearing devices are popular with music teachers, dentists, flight attendants and anyone who needs to hear accurately in high-noise environments.


We offer customized earpieces for hunting, shooting and other sudden-noise environments. These customizable earpieces are designed to instantly close when damaging noise levels are reached while allowing you to hear normally while in the field.


The roar of the engine can be thrilling but also damaging to your hearing as the noise is often at levels that can cause irreversible problems for you ears. We have specific hearing protection designed for use under helmets that will also minimize wind noise.


We can customize earpieces for you to promote comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Great for shift workers and credited for saving many relationships!

Music/Custom Earbuds

Music-halls and other venues' have noise levels that can be damaging to your hearing. We have specific hearing protection designed for use as an instrumentalist or a patron of the arts. Custom Earbuds are available for any situation where noise levels may be damaging your ears.