How Your Life Changes When You Get a Hearing Device

A person waits, on average, seven years from the first signs of hearing difficulties to the time when they seek treatment.

Hearing issues can result in stress and mental fatigue as well as increased anxiety and poor job performance. Studies show that untreated hearing loss is associated with cognitive decline and dementia in some patients.

Let’s find out why hearing well is so important.

1. You can get more of the conversation. Sometimes, people experiencing hearing loss only catch parts of conversations, especially in crowded, loud environments or when not directly looking at the speaker. Imagine how nice it would be to hear a loved one say encouraging words at a distance from you or how much more successful you will be when you can understand what your client may be saying at the crowded restaurant.

2. You’ll have more energy. When you struggle to hear, your brain is working overtime to fill in the gaps of conversation or sometimes just making sense of the world around you. You use your sense of hearing to help you figure out the locations of objects in your environment as well as to more effectively follow conversations.

3. You can enjoy the music. There are beautiful things to hear around us every day. A hearing device can allow you to experience the nuances and pitch changes in music that we may have been missing. And with today’s new technology, many devices can be incorporated with our smartphones and computers so that the audio can be directly streamed in our ears.

4. Your relationships will improve. A universal truth in life is that everyone just wants to be understood. When you are able to hear, you will be able to communicate more effectively. This improved communication means fewer arguments and less frustration allowing for more pleasant experiences with those around us.

These are just a few things that people notice when they make the decision to take charge of their hearing. If you’ve been struggling or know someone who has, give us a call or make an appointment to have a hearing exam. A lot can happen in seven years. You don’t want to miss it.