Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids?

Like any technological device, hearing aids have a limited lifespan. On average, hearing aids last anywhere from three to seven years. How long they last depends on the device, how they were taken care of, and normal wear and tear.

Many hearing aid users only think about replacing their devices when a noticeable issue occurs or when they stop working altogether. However, there are other instances when you should consider upgrading your hearing aids:

1. Your needs change,
Over time, you may find that your hearing quality is decreasing, and your device doesn’t sound “like new.” This may be a sign that your hearing may have changed beyond the capabilities of your current hearing aids. Getting an upgrade can restore your hearing quality to that “like new” performance.

2. You want to be more connected.
New technology is no longer just about the hearing aid itself. You can now connect to your smartphone, iPad, or TV. This helps you hear phone calls, Facetime with your family and enjoy your favorite TV shows. New technology has also improved in diminishing background noise, thus focusing on conversations and reducing mental fatigue.

3. You have a new lifestyle.
Life changes such as starting a new job, taking up a new hobby, or moving can present new listening demands. You may experience new sounds or social situations that demand more out of your hearing aids.

Don’t wait until your hearing aids stop working. Upgrade your hearing aids when your hearing health needs change, when you want to be more connected to the world around you, or have a new lifestyle to accommodate.