Over-the-counter Hearing Aid Legislation

Dr. Macy Schott covers some preliminary info on the OTC Legislation.

Questions about the new Hearing Aid Over the Counter Legislation and what that means? You are not alone. Here’s a short intro to where we are at in the process of the legislation.

Questions about the new OTC (over-the-counter) legislation?

OTC Hearing Devices Prescription Hearing Aids
Fit by: Self Fit by: Licensed Audiologist
Price: Average $1,000 to $2,000 Price: Average $1,000 to $7,000
Age: 19+ Age: Any
Hearing loss determined by PERCEPTION only Hearing loss confirmed through comprehensive assessment
Selection: Self Selection: Audiologist recommendations based on
assessments and communication needs
Design: One-size-fits-most Design: Includes customized discreet options
Return policy: No requirement proposed by the FDA Return policy: Mandated in most states
Verification of amplification levels: None Verification of amplification levels: Real Ear Measurements
Device care and assistance: None Device care and assistance: Team of hearing professionals
Device lifespan: Unknown Device lifespan: Maximized due to professional maintenance
Reliability: Unknown Reliability: High, due to quality manufacturing
and care process by Audiologists
Training: None Training: Aural rehabilitation and training for all devices
Businesses with no history in hearing care Health care professionals with long histories in hearing health