Prevalence of Dizziness and Imbalance

The Prevalence of Dizziness and Imbalance in those 65+is approximately 20% – 30%.

As the population ages, we have a growing number of patients who commonly report feelings of unsteadiness, lightheadedness or true vertigo. These symptoms often lead to falls which can cause injury, hospitalization or disability.

As the causes for these symptoms are multi-factorial, the management of these patients takes a multi-disciplinary approach. As Doctors of Audiology who perform vestibular assessments, we are partnering with otolaryngology and physical therapy to ensure accurate diagnosis and rehabilitation is included in the patients’ Plan of Care. 

Enjoy this month’s article by Shinichi, et al. (2014); Dizziness & Imbalance in the Elderly: Age-related Decline in the Vestibular System.