4 Tips for Managing the Holidays with Hearing Loss

While the holiday season is merry and bright, it can also be loud and frustrating, especially for someone with hearing loss. The constant noise, the multiple conversations happening at the same time and general pressure of the season can create an atmosphere of stress and anxiety for someone who struggles with hearing loss. This can lead to withdrawal and isolation which is not what the season is all about. We want to get you back to the conversation.

Here are some tips for enjoying the holidays with hearing loss.

1. Keep TV volumes off and music low especially when at the dinner table. You don’t need the excess noise. This will allow everyone at the table to focus on each other and the conversation at hand.

2. Make sure the room is well lit. Candle light can be romantic and create an nice ambiance, but it can make things difficult for someone who relies on lipreading and facial expressions to follow conversations.

3. Watch where you sit. At the dinner table, sit next to someone who won’t mind helping you follow conversations if you miss something. Look at the person you are talking to. Over 55% of our understanding comes from reading lips. Another good idea is to sit near the end of the table. It’s easier to follow just one conversation than have several going on around you. No one can participate in four conversations at once.

4. Make sure your batteries are charged and your devices are clean and dry. Consider coming in for service on your listening devices if it has been a while. Our experts can make sure your devices are performing at top quality so that you can enjoy the sounds of the holidays without frustration.