COVID-19 Update.


2020-09-28 Moderate Risk of Covid Spread Risk Dial-01
As the risk dial for Lancaster County remains in the high category, we are continuing with the same protocol released on 8/24/20.  
Things to know;
We are here for you!  We continue to be accessible through scheduled, in-office appointments, curbside service, telehealth, as well as by phone and email.
Our lobby remains closed for your and our staff’s safety.  We are excited for the day when our lobby is open and we resume with less restrictions.  It will happen, we just need to be patient.  Keeping you safe is our priority.
Are you needing a great mask?  If you’ve been in to see us or follow us on Facebook, you will find we are color coordinated and wearing the most amazing masks made by our very own, Rhonda Cushatt.  They are a double layer, Batik fabric that you can wear ALL day!  Plus, you have two color options per mask as they have different fabric on each side.  Trust us, they are tried and true.  You can order from Rhonda on Facebook at Masks made with love – by Rhonda.  


Way to go, Lincoln!  We are back down into the moderate risk category.  
As you may be aware, we follow both state and local guidelines in making protocols for your safety.  The risk dial is back into the yellow.  

What that means for you;

Simplified COVID Screening Questions.  Are you symptomatic? Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID?  

No temperature taking. However, hand sanitizing and face masks are still in place. 

Personal escort into the office. We still want to welcome you at the door and accompany you to the exam room. When you arrive please park, call and enjoy a brief wait.

Smile!  We are again taking photos for your medical record.

Curbside Walk-in Hour  Continues.  We are committed to continuing our curbside services.  Stop by weekdays from 11:30-12:30. Bottled water is chilled and ready.  


We Love that You Notice!

From the very beginning, our goal has been to ensure your health and safety during this unprecedented time. We are status quo for now with no major changes to report. We would, however, like to say Thank You for your feedback. We are always looking for better ways to care for you and appreciate it when you share your experiences with us.

Here are some encouraging words from our patient’s that our team cherished this week;

“I deeply appreciate the safety measures you have in place to keep both your staff and patients safe.  It’s a win-win outcome for everyone when you add on your usual, impeccable service.  Sending kudos to all of you!” ~ Shirley

“Nice to have received the “heads up” information about
your procedure to see patients with COVID guidelines. Thanks.”
~ Connie


What’s New;
COVID Screening Questions.  Now only 2 instead of 200! 🙂
Are you symptomatic? Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID?  
We are no longer taking temperatures.  (Hand Sanitizing and face masks are still in place).
Personal escort into the office. Yes, the lobby door is open, but we will still want to welcome you at the door and accompany you to the exam room.
Curbside Walk-in Hour  . . . now with Flare!   We are committed to continuing our curbside services.  Stop by weekdays from 11:30-12:30 and enjoy a special summer treat on us!  
We continue to be blessed by your patience and encouragement. As we know . . . We Are Better Together! 


Curbside Walk-In Hour is Back!
As we have slowly re-opened our clinic, we have found our current processes to be working well in keeping you safe.  June will look very similar to May, with the exception of the return of scheduled curbside Walk in Hour.  
We know it is not always easy or convenient to leave your devices with us for an extended period of time.   So, back by popular demand, our live, curbside Walk-in Hour will be available weekdays from 11:30 – 12:30.    We have a unique process to keep you safe and well served.  Parking spaces can get congested, therefore, we do ask that you call and let us know you are coming and then, of course, call to let us know you’ve arrived. We will take it from there.
We continue to be so grateful for your support during this uncertain time.  Please  let us know if there is any other way we can serve you.


Different Look . . . Same Great Service!

Your health and safety continues to be our number one concern. To ensure we are doing everything possible, we continually educate ourselves on best practices from the state, local and national level. Many medical practices have given us great insight and shared some amazing ideas that you will experience on your visit to our clinic. We can’t wait to see you!


  1. Although our lobby door remains locked, we are inside and ready to serve you – just call!
  2. Our daily walk-in hour will continue to be on hold until we open our lobby.
  3. Use our live drop box outside the front door for curbside service or picking up batteries during our regular office hours. It’s safe – we are right inside waiting to take care of you.
  4. Telehealth is another great way to connect with us. Today’s technology allows for adjustments right from your home.

We are grateful for your continued support and are always just a phone call or email away. We may be
physically distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. Hear to Help!


Open To Serve You!

Complete Hearing is proud to provide a safe environment with compassionate care. As we progress into having patients back into our clinic, new practice guidelines have been implemented. These changes are to ensure the health and safety of you, your family and our employees.  For now, our lobby door will remain locked, but we are inside and ready to serve you.  Please call once you’ve arrived and we will take it from there.

Your IN-OFFICE appointment will now include:

  • Symptom Questionnaire and Staggered Appointments
  • Social distancing in our patient areas.
  • Taking temperatures and the wearing of masks by all those entering the clinic.
  • Allowing only one additional family member at an appointment.
  • Drop-Off and Curbside Pick will continue for your supply and repair needs.

We appreciate your consideration and cooperation with these changes. We’ve missed you and look forward to reconnecting with you in the safest manner possible.


We are HEAR for You.

We understand it is hard to stay apart and stay connected when you cannot hear. Video Conferencing, phone calls, and virtual gatherings are keeping many of us connected. But, what happens when you have hearing loss and your hearing devices are not working or need adjustment? Like so many things, Covid -19 has made some tasks more challenging and is having a significant impact on communication. Connecting with Facetime or Zoom is only effective if communication abilities are optimized – just ask a person who has hearing difficulty.  Please know, we are here to help. 

We are reaching out not only locally, but to the entire state to assist anyone needing assistance with their hearing devices.  Although our lobby is closed to protect us all, Complete Hearing is able to provide personal support, education, and assistance for all patients wearing hearing devices. 

Our services include:

  1. Drop off box for repairs and service in Lincoln
  2. Curbside pickup for repaired items
  3. Emergency appointments
  4. TeleHealth Services
  5. “How-To” videos
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