Meet Shawn, a loving and devoted husband and father. He received two nominations for our Hear Together Give Together Event. “He is one of the hardest working, kind and generous people I have met,” expressed, Tony. “He has always thought of his young family first, not worrying about himself.” Alison, Shawn’s mother-in-law wrote, “he has two beautiful daughters and I know he is missing out on a lot.”

Shawn’s story of hearing loss started when he was young. He doesn’t remember ever passing a hearing test in school. As he’s grown, the world around him has changed. A wife, family and a professional career have him in many challenging listening environments. With his hearing slowly declining, his mother, knowing he needed assistance, purchased him an over-the-counter hearing amplifier. Shawn’s been using it on occasion to boost his hearing while in meetings at work. It helps some, but it has never fit quite right and it amplifies everything, making many sounds echoey.

With the gracious support of Unitron Hearing US we are so excited to be able to give Shawn the gift of better hearing. His new hearing aids were custom fit, not only for looks, but measurements were run to ensure that the sound delivered inside of his ear matched the unique shape of his ear and his amplification needs. If you see Shawn, ask him about the “new sounds” he is experiencing and how he likes taking phone calls and streaming music directly into his devices. We can’t wait to see him back!

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