Hearing connects us to the world around us. The quality and success of our relationships are determined by our ability to communicate with the people in our lives. Let's get you back to the conversation and to your best hearing.


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Our Doctors


Sandra Miller, AUD

Dr. Miller enjoys knowing exactly how much finding the right solution for her patients can improve their lives. Her years as a licensed audiologist have given her the experience and compassion to understand how patients rely on their hearing for their emotional and physical health.

Meghanne Wetta, AUD

Dr. Wetta appreciates getting to know each and every patient and their families, because she knows how hearing health can affect the entire family unit. She gets excited about the latest technology, knowing she can offer the very best to her patients.

Macy Schott-Miller, AUD

Dr. Schott-Miller was drawn to audiology knowing she would be able to help a wide range of patients from children to seniors enjoy the world around them. Her vibrant personality and dedication to care make patients feel comfortable and assured that they are in good hands.