Hearing connects us to the world around us. The quality and success of our relationships are determined by our ability to communicate with the people in our lives. Let’s get you back to the conversation and to your best hearing. 

Episode 6 Cochlear Implants

The Transcript Dale Johnson: We get excited about your hearing every Saturday morning at this time on KFOR FM 103.3, 1240 AM. This is Dale Johnson alongside Dr. Sandra Miller of Complete Hearing here in Lincoln. 4200 Pioneer Woods Drive in Southeast Lincoln. Thank you very

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Episode 5 Hearing Protection

The Transcript Dale Johnson: Dr. Sandra Miller is here from Complete Hearing in Lincoln, complete-hearing.com. Dr. Miller, welcome in. Dr. Miller: Thank you for having me back.Dale Johnson: We’ve flipped the calendar over to September, and in my mind that’s transitioning from summer to fall. Dr.

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Episode 4 It is all about the why

The Transcript Dale Johnson: It’s all about the why every Saturday morning at this time. You are listening to The Conversation Starts Here. Dale Johnson on KFOR FM 103.3 1240 AM. Dr. Sandra Miller from complete hearing is by my side. Good to have you in

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