Here are some typical questions that our patients have asked.

We believe in a holistic approach to care. Hearing and balance are not just about your inner ear. We take a comprehensive approach in considering your past medical history, your present symptoms and how to provide solutions that include not only rehabilitative options for the ear, but work with the other healthcare professionals on your team to ensure we provide a comprehensive plan of care. You will find our culture based on our values of being Selfless – your time with us is about you!

Complete Hearing’s Doctors of Audiology (AuD) are healthcare professionals educated for eight years beyond a high school diploma and trained to recognize specific conditions of the auditory system, including hearing, balance, tinnitus, and brain health. They assess the effects on your health, make an appropriate Plan of Care that includes your overall wellness, partner with your primary physician and other specialties for the best outcomes to improve your hearing ability, and provide ongoing follow-up to maximize continued benefit.

Hearing loss affects nearly everyone at some point in their life. The causes of hearing loss are many but commonly include:

  • changes to inner-ear function
  • damage from exposure to loud sounds
  • damage from certain medications
  • diseases of the middle ear
  • viral/bacterial infections
  • autoimmune disorders
  • insults to the auditory nerve
  • heredity/genetics
  • vascular disease
  • renal disease
  • endocrinological disorders

Just like your vision and teeth, regular checkups are recommended for your hearing and balance. Hearing loss tends to be gradual and we falsely believe our lack of balance is due to aging.

If you are missing the clarity of speech, frustrated by background sounds, have ringing in your ears or are straining to hear the TV or a phone call, it is time for evaluation with us. Most insurance companies will cover your evaluation.

• Your family medical history
• Your medical history
• A list of your medications
Your insurance card*
A Significant Other*

*Your health insurance information will be requested when you schedule your appointment so that you receive all of your available benefits. Bringing someone with you enables us to use a familiar voice in some of our procedures and having an extra set of ears helps you remember more from your appointment.

The answer is . . . it depends. Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will cover a hearing test if you are having decreased hearing, ear fullness, tinnitus or balance symptoms. Your type of appointment will depend on your out-of-pocket expense. Any tests, services or products that are eligible to be billed to insurance will be filed.

We are committed to building a successful relationship with you. We strive to be transparent in all matters and work with you, your insurance, and any other financial options most beneficial to you.

Follow this link to find our financing policies explained in full.

Yes! Most options today offer Bluetooth connectivity to your cell phone and television for the best speech understanding and enjoyment of talking to friends and family.

Yes, all hearing-instrument manufacturers offer TV transmitter boxes to stream the sound wirelessly to your hearing instruments. Some TVs may also have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect without a transmitter. Let your family set the volume that works for them, and you can control your separate volume!

There are 4 main reasons why you should be seeing your hearing care professional no less than 2 times per year.

1) Most people produce significant amounts of earwax and this earwax can block your ear canals and stop sound from your hearing aids which can limit your benefit.

2) Hearing aids are precision medical devices that are not intended to go for long periods of time without maintenance and proper cleaning.

3) Your hearing aids will eventually malfunction. Your hearing care professional can perform Electroacoustic Analysis (EAA) to ensure that your devices are performing up to specs.

4) Your hearing can change.  –  Just because your hearing loss was at one level last year, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t changed since then. If your prescription has changed, then your hearing aids need to be reprogrammed.

The life of your hearing aids will depend on their usage and how well they are maintained. New technology will always be an option for you as the sophistication built into these devices can change as rapidly as cell phone technology.

Consideration of the factors below may better answer this question.

1. Are your hearing aids capable of handling your hearing loss? Hearing loss can change.  Whether this is gradual or sudden, if you are not benefitting at an optimum level from your current devices, new hearing aids should be considered.

2. Do I have an insurance benefit that makes investing in new devices doable? More insurances are covering a portion of hearing aid costs.  We will help you verify any insurance benefits you may have and aid you in the decision if upgrading is smart for both technology and for the financial investment.

3. Is repairing my hearing aid a better choice than buying new? Hearing aids come with a 1-3 year warranty.  You can continue to extend the warranty, but at some point, this can get expensive and counterproductive.  When hearing aids are over 5 years old, they are often no longer repaired by the manufacturer and sent to an All-Makes repair lab. The parts may not always match and the guarantee is only 6 – months. We can help you navigate the pros and cons of repairing what you have or buying new.

4. Is new technology really better? We’ve seen so many advances in hearing aids’ ability to discriminate speech, manage noise and make life easy with rechargeability and connectivity to your phone and TV. If you are uncertain if it’s time to upgrade, take advantage of our out-of-office Demo program to ensure new technology provides improvement in the areas you need it most.

Complete Hearing is Hear to Help

With our main office in Lincoln and satellite in York, our highly-accredited doctors of audiology offer options for your customized health plan using today’s advanced technology. Contact us today for the next available appointment.