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Hearing Loss Impacts Brain Function?

Complete Hearing is now screening cognitive function with CogniVue – the first FDA approved digital screening tool for cognition.

The Lancet, one of the top 5 medical journals in the world, finds hearing loss in midlife to be one of the largest modifiable risk factors for dementia. Simply put; treating hearing loss is vital for optimum brain function.

The presence of untreated hearing loss causes the hearing portions of the brain to weaken. This results in the frontal lobe, or “thinking part” of our brain, to take over in order for us to concentrate and comprehend speech. This extra load leaves less resources and energy for attention, concentration, memory and other important cognitive tasks. This increase in cognitive load can cause an increase in stress levels, impact your reasoning and judgment and may simply leave you feeling exhausted.

A hearing test is only the beginning of a comprehensive approach to reducing your risk of memory loss. Let us help you navigate the effects of hearing loss on your brain.

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