What Goes into the Cost of a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids typically range in cost anywhere from $500 -$8,000. The range depends on what kind of processing and technology are involved and the quality of materials used. The more advanced technology options obtained from an audiologist are small computers that have the ability to filter sound and distinctively enhance the sounds you need. A device that simply amplifies sound in a more general sense can be less expensive but is not uniquely tuned to each frequency of your hearing loss. If you have a basic device bought over the counter or on the internet, you may not have the safeguards in place for sounds that could potentially damage your hearing or allow you to hear as accurately as you hoped. 

The benefits of more advanced hearing aids are not only that they are more sophisticated and able to provide you with a more realistic soundscape, but they are also developed to work with other wireless technology. The new devices can be integrated through apps and other programs on your smartphone and TV to provide improved sound and minimal interference.

As stated before, ordering a hearing device online or over the phone is possible. However, a quality hearing device isn’t something that you just stick in your ear. Your ears are just as unique as your thumbprint. To maximize your benefit, your audiologist will take several measurements and make sure that the fit is correct so that you are getting the most out of your device.  

When you purchase your device, you are not just getting the equipment itself; the price includes a personalized fitting, measurements taken to ensure your prescription is accurate, follow-up care, and maintenance. You are also getting the knowledge and service of your audiologist and clinic staff. Their expertise in monitoring both the device and your hearing will ensure that you are experiencing the best hearing possible.

Most quality hearing aids will last approximately five years. As technology changes, upgrading to new instruments is often done to maximize quality hearing. 

The decision on what kind or brand of hearing aid to choose should be made with your audiologist based on your unique hearing needs and lifestyle. If you find yourself with limited resources, please let the audiologists at Complete Hearing know. They want to ensure that financial hurdles will not keep you from living the life you deserve. 

The ability to hear well directly impacts your physical and emotional health, as well as your relationships with everyone around you. Remember, your hearing devices are an investment in your overall health.